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Sumit "संजीवनी" Art world - Online Art Work

SUMITRA AHLAWAT presents Sumit’s Sanjivani Art World !

Welcome to my world. Take a tour through the deepest secrets in eyes of a woman and a calm walk through spirituality while passing through the highly esteemed royalty throughout the website. Yes i mean it. I am Sumitra ahlawat and this is sumit's sanjeevani. Here you get all you need to relax yourself with a painting that fits perfectly on the wall of your living room or what you need as a boost to fill your soul woth enthusiasm. Or may be you just want to close your eyes and talk to the almighty without saying a single word with your mouth. Or perhaps just flaunt in front of your friends and relatives through richness of colours and thoughts spread in your room through these paintings. The art work presented here will hold your eyes firmly and you will be mesmerised as you scroll throughout the website. And as we cater to the high demands of the visitors, we hereby invite you all to the studio where you get to see all the art work to which mere photographs perhaps could not do full justice. The address has been mentioned and the invitation is given. So you don't have to wait anymore. Here we are, looking forward to giving you our best as you deserve.



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